Well, in Winter, Santa Claus has always dominated in fame but now, he faces a new challenge! A cold challenge! A Cold Frozen Challenge! Frozen 

Santa Claus Edit


The Big Man

A Jolly, Red Soul who wants to do Good.


  • Delivers Presents
  • Popular Icon
  • Loves Children and Children                                           love him 




  •  Doesn't actually make presents
  •  Eats a lot of Milk and Cookies
  •  Some people don't believe in him

     Trivia                       Edit

  •     Lives in the North Pole 
  •     Has a fleet of Reindeer
  •     Elves make the toys he delivers
  •     Is very Positive


A Singing, Ice Wielding Girl

Elsa (1)

Elsa Staring


  • Can solve the Earth's water problem (If the Ice she make's is clean)
  • A popular Icon
  • Can withstand 0 kelvin


  • She created a song that is sung WAY TO MUCH!!!!

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